The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook 

For Advertisers That Want Profitable, Predictable, Growth with Meta (Facebook) Ads.

The 7-Figure MAP (Meta Ads Playbook) is designed to:

  • Build Ads That Attract, Engage, Convert: using principles of psychology and emotion to reach deeper into your ideal prospect's needs and desires.
  • Systemise The Way You Build Meta Campaigns: A simple and powerful combination of account setup and scale to balance the technical needs of the Meta ad platform and your media buying skills.
  • Free Your Time & Headspace To Do Better Things: Avoid the headache of guesswork with a system that puts you in control, allowing you to free up time away from Ads Manager!

76 Net Promoter Score 
(over 40 is considered GREAT!)

As Used By Our Meta Approved Ads Agency

Ready To Master Meta Advertising?

Build The Perfect Account

We'll show you how to ensure you configure your account and campaign structure for long-lasting success.

Attract, Engage, Convert

We'll show you how to target the right person, at the right time, with the right ad... and convert them for the highest returns.

Test. Optimise. Scale.

We'll show you how to set up and use a test, optimise and scale system that takes the guesswork and anxiety out of Meta advertising.

"...very comprehensive advanced course. It's not your typical quick course that was hacked together but rather Depesh compiled an excellent resource from his years of experience to help self-starters dominate FB Advertising.  

Also love the constant updates .... For example, with Apple iOS14 updates which impact advertising on Facebook... Can't recommend it enough!"

- Ash

Helping Businesses Like Yours to THRIVE

Our 1000+ list of clients that have already implemented teachings from The 7-Figure MAP include Ads Agencies, Freelancers, Ecommerce Businesses, Affiliate Marketers and Info/Digital Product Sellers.
  • Sell Ecommerce: The 7-Figure MAP will allow you to take control of profitability and consistency, showing you the path to higher average order values, higher conversion rates and lower costs whilst building a path to higher lifetime value using our experience of generating over $100M in revenue across a wide variety of niches. 
  • Sell Digital Products: Use the same systems to build the right funnel path with profitable ads whether you're selling SLOs (Self Liquidating Offers), promoting Lead Magnets, Webinar pitches, Call booking funnels or building a value ladder for those high tickets.
  • For Agency Owners & Freelancers: The 7-Figure MAP is a plug and play set of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) you can install into your agency's processes. Train new and existing media buyers and provide your clients with amazing growth, enabling you to grow your business too.
  • For In-house Marketers: The 7-Figure MAP is your cheat code to making you look good to your boss earning you the fast-track to promotion and career progression.

Who Can Benefit from The 7-Figure MAP?

Business Owners

Train your team on the cutting edge ways to make Meta Ads more profitable and predictable for your business.

Investing in this program will give you the confidence for your team knowing it's the same playbooks I've used in-house with my own media buying team since 2014 - and it still works!

Plus we keep it all updated for you so you have one less thing to worry about for your team (and they WILL thank you for giving them the tools to succeed).

Ads Strategists

If you're a strategist then you're required to stay ahead of the game - The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook is your cheat-sheet in ensuring you have a strategy for the various eventualities that will earn you high praise.

CPMs suffering? Conversion rate down? Need better funnel conversion? Templates for copy and creative? We got the Playbooks for you inside.

Whether you're in-house or serving clients, we're going to build the confidence you need to crush it year-round.

Media Buyers

You are at the front-end of all the action. When things go GREAT you'll be rewarded, praised and respected.

When things go wrong? That's when pro-level media buyers earn their stripes.

Let The 7-Figure MAP be your cheat-code to ensuring you're never caught out. We've built the playbooks for the scenarios to help you profit and scale, but also how to deal with those painful issues like high CPMs, drop in funnel conversion rates and more. 

Whether you're in-house or serving clients, this is the only Meta Ads training you'll ever need.


You're the hybrid type - you're running your own business, wearing multiple hats.

But you're also creating ad strategies and media buying. You face the HARDEST role because there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything.

Which is why The 7-Figure MAP is here to give you a proven structure to simply follow and implement.

Remove the guesswork, get your ads working well and earn back more free-time to focus on your other business priorities - then hand over a working ad account when you're ready to replace yourself with a dedicated media buyer!

"The best Facebook Ads course ever... SO MUCH value, very advanced techniques and strategies yet very easy to understand and apply

Format of the course is also very easy to digest with concise videos which makes it very enjoyable to watch

Depesh is a great teacher and is available for his students. If you're looking to bring your Facebook Ads skills to another level, don't think twice."

- Aymeric

What's Included in The 7-Figure MAP?

1. Master Advertising Influence & Control

You'll gain access to a program called The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method to learn:

> How To Sell Anything Online
> Creating The Perfect Product Pitch
> How To Call Out Your Perfect Prospects
> The DARK ARTS of Human Persuasion
> The Power of Story Telling and Story Selling

Unlock The Meta Algorithm

Use the Algorithm to your advantage for lower CPM’s and higher profits

Instant Online Video  Access

On-demand access to ALL Playbooks from Day 1 including videos, worksheets and more

Stability and Consistency

Use the right frameworks, to create Stability and Consistency in Your Ad Accounts using simple step by step instructions.

2. Master Funnel Building & Targeting

You'll also learn:

> How To Write Magnetic Copy & Creative
> Build High Converting Website Funnels
> Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
> The Simple Effect Campaign Structure To Find Your Prospect At The Right Time with the Right Ad

Offer Build

Strong offers are the hidden secret to breakout success. Learn our 5W Avatar process, 3N Ads Formula and how to craft the Perfect Ad for sustainable success.

Funnel Build

A great offer needs a great funnel. Apply what goes into creating funnels that Facebook will reward you for to maximise conversion rates & order value.

Structured Testing

Implement our Graduation Testing Method to control your testing process to unearth ads and audiences that work, without the guesswork.

3. Unlock Meta Ads

You'll also gain access to The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook (MAP) which contains:

> A Simple, Powerful Test Process
> Data-Driven Decision Making
> Fast-Insight Custom Reporting
> Spend Efficiencies
> What To Do When Things Go Wrong (And How To Recover)


The biggest thing missing in most ad accounts is optimisation. Learn what to look for, how to setup your reporting for fast insights and the right actions to take, when, to make the biggest difference.

Growth & Scale

Growth is more than just increasing budgets. 

Understand what it truly means and takes to grow into 6, 7 and 8-figures using our formulaic approach to growing and scaling.

Bonus Modules

We go deeper to help you become a true advertising pro, to grow your business, or your career with proven strategies that work.

Learn the methods to conquer ANY ad platform.

Ready To Level Up Your Advertising?

My agency charges a 5-figures for our one to one accelerator program.

But we wanted to bring this to many more people based on our success.

We have the formula.

But we're not charging $10's of thousands for this high impact program.

Our regular investment will be $4,800 after this launch.

But for the first cohort we've gone all in.

You can join our new accelerator program for just:

This is a time limited offer. Once we hit 40 people the price will go back to the normal rate


Contact us if you want to join the next launch:

Until All 40 Seats Are Taken!

4. Growth & Scaling

> Learn To Properly Scale In Every Situation
> Unleash The Power of Manual Bidding
> Slow & Fast Scaling Models
> Saving Time with Rules & Automation
> Become The Master of Your Fate with Meta Ads

"I sat on the Free Facebook Group Fence for so long because your free content was THAT good -- I thought "how could his course get any better... holy smokes was I wrong

Your course is not only changing my campaigns but also changing my life and giving me back the freedom that I longed for when becoming a Facebook Marketer. Thank you so much for all you have invested into the course. Super excited to have joined this journey with you."

- Chantel

Who's Behind The Curtain?

I've Made The Mistakes, 
So You Don't Have To.

Trusted by Meta

"The 7-Figure MAP is for entrepreneurs that are advertising for their own business, for marketers running ads for the company they work for, and agencies or freelancers helping clients with Meta (Facebook) ads.

Those that benefit are already spending money on ads, and come in from various intermediate and advanced levels.

It is NOT for those that have never advertised on Meta. 

You're getting two programs that I've personally put together based on my 15+ years experience: The 7-Figure MAP and The BPM Method - two different but perfectly blended training programs designed to help you learn how to sell anything (legal!) online and how to master the Meta ads platform.

This is a marketing-led training program that will continue to pay back for years to come with skills and knowledge that will change your life."

- Depesh Mandalia, CEO at SM Commerce agency, International Speaker and Ads Coach.

"The course single-handedly transformed my advertising agency. With increased knowledge comes improved results which provide the confidence and ability to attract and retain clients of all levels. 

Tried and tested principles are applicable to any niche and modules are constantly being added to keep content fresh and up to date. I've also used the principles to help train businesses in house social media teams

When I look back on the value I've received, I actually think the course is under-priced."

- Dec

The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook
Here's everything you're investing in today:

1. The 7-Figure MAP Training Program

The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook has everything you need to setup, launch, test, optimise and grow your ad spend using the Meta Ads platform (Facebook, Instagram).

This is a set of Playbooks we use (and keep updated) for our own agency and private ad accounts that's been consistently working for us since 2014.

Includes the Email Marketing and Media Buying mastery bonusses.

2. The BPM Method Training Program

The Brand-driven Performance Marketing Method is a full advertising training program.

The BPM Method is independent of ad platform which is why it sits in its own module.

Once you've learned what's inside, there is no going back. You'll see ads, landers, targeting and the end to end funnel in a different way.

No ad platform will ever stand a chance against you again.

3. The FAATT Framework Training Program

The Facebook Ads Attribution & Tracking Trinity Training is our zero-cost solution to making better media buying decisions as a result of Apple's iOS14.5 changes which rocked advertisers.

Whilst not 100% required to make The 7-Figure MAP work, it will improve performance in a big way as you'll learn how we connect Google Analytics to understand advanced methods of budget management, optimisation and growth.

4. The Offer Workshop Training Program

In this training I cover, ads, copy, creative, landing pages and funnels with live examples on how to improve the Offer.

This is built upon The BPM Method teachings but shared with live examples through multiple niches to show how easy it is to become an advertising master able to sell anything (legally!) online.

Ready To Invest In Your Success?

Here's what you're getting when you join TODAY: 
  • Create Ads That Attract, Engage, Convert: with The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method ($3000 value).
  • Build a Meta (Facebook) Ads Profit Machine: with The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook (MAP) ($5000 value)
  • Overcome iOS14.5 Challenges: get full access to The FAATT Framework ($697 value) BONUS training.
  • Master The Art of Building Great Offers: via The Scaleable Offers Workshop ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Email Marketing Masterclass: with Email Marketing Mastery ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Outspend Your Competitors: with the Business Growth Levers ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Learn The Art of Media Buying: with Media Buying Mastery ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • 12-Week Virtual Coaching: 12-weeks email coaching  BONUS written by Depesh to provide ongoing support (worth $3000).
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee: If you implement the training and see no improvements.
  • Lifetime program updates: Pay once and receive a lifetime of updates for as long as the program is active.
(Payment plan also available on the next page)

Hear What Others Say 

Ecommerce Agency Owner

   Huge transformations in 3 months, installed The BPM Method structures, scaling client brands and performance increases across the board. Used The BPM Method PLUS ELITE Accelerator to grow client sales AND grow his agency's sales too.

Ecommerce Store & Ads Agency

   One of the very first clients from 2018, scaled to 7-figures, launched multiple brands in 2019, began training others and cracked Snapchat Ads (using The BPM Method) to become one of France's top Snapchat media buyers by spend.

Ecommerce Store Owner

Attended our Ecom Fast-Track event, then joined The BPM Method and scaled his Ecommerce business to $300k/m in 4 months!

Ecom Store & Ads Agency

A chance encounter in Las Vegas with Depesh transformed Fabian’s business fortunes forever. Fabian’s early wins through our support  pocketed a big profits to allow him to invest further in his business.

Ecommerce Travel Subscription

Benefited from the way that The BPM Method teaches you to scale a business, when he applied the strategies layed out in the course, from the very beginning in the foundation, and thus, he was able to see results he had never seen before.

POD Ecommerce Store

Before he joined the call he did not have a real structure in place, he states that The BPM Method saved his business. He is excited to see how the ads are doing when he wakes up as results have really improved.

Ecommerce Store

She used to stay up at nights looking ads performance. After using The BPM Method program she could confidently and with less stress run her ad campaigns profitably..

Ecommerce Store

Sold his brand for 3-5x the earnings, seven figures after just 12 months of high growth. He initially joined Depesh at his San Jose mastermind, invested in The BPM Method, joined again in Vancouver then scaled to 7-figures before exiting. 

Ecommerce Ads Agency

Before she joined the training program she was highly stressed, The BPM Method helped her understand the data and be able to make the right decisions together with the support from Depesh and the private community. The ROI helped attract new, better clients, too.

Ecommerce Ads Agency

He joined The BPM Method after investing in The Ultimate CBO Cookbook. He scaled his business to up to $5M earnings from $1M spent.

Ecommerce Ads Agency

Used The BPM Method to scale his Ecommerce businesses and profit with better stability.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Used the frameworks from The BPM Method to understand Facebook ads better, optimize campaigns and helping to scale up ad accounts.

Ecom Store & Ads Agency

Started The BPM Method with no technical knowledge. Joined the program because Depesh is “the unicorn of Facebook”. He was able to scale one client’s business and they reached $70K on ad spend and $200K on revenue also managed to work with the Oklahoma Dodgers!

Beauty Ecommerce Store

Operates from South Korea and sells from Norway to the rest of Europe. He was able to scale his business and after joining the BPM Method he understood FB is not about luck, but about structure and how important it is. 

Apparel Ecommerce Store

Max struggled with creatives but learned through The BPM Method, that a good message and story is better than trying to rely on tricks. Thanks to having more control over his strategy, he was able to spend quality time with his family. 

Ecommerce Store

Jerry benefited from Depesh’s experience on Facebook advertising, she was able to understand what to cut and what to scale better. 

"After being in the BPM Program for a couple of days (btw I have literally never written a review for anything before). Depesh's program is HANDS DOWN the best FB Ads Course out there

I was mega skeptical about joining (it took me months to actually join) because I have taken lots of FB courses before from the legit top of industry people you will know, but they've all lacked one big thing: clarity of thought

The BPM system is a step-by-step process. It doesn't have fancy strategies scattered here and there, it's just straight to the point

If you have a grounding in FB Ads already (this isn't for beginners) and want to get to the next level, this is the way. So excited about getting results in the next few weeks. Thanks, Depesh!"

- James

100% Money-Back Guarantee

As with any investment it involves risk on your part.

Firstly, let me tell you why The 7-Figure MAP is NOT right for you:

1) You don't yet have a product or service to sell

2) You like to invest in training but don't have the time to put the work in

3) You don't have the patience to listen to and follow expert advice

4) Your Meta ads performance is insanely good already

5) You have zero experience with Meta ads.

However if you're willing to follow our advice, you have experience of spending money on Meta Ads and have a product or service that you can legally promote, then we can help!

I guarantee you that by joining and following The 7-Figure MAP program 
step by step your ad account will become more stable and predictable within 30 days.

I want this to be a profitable venture with a positive return on investment for you.

Email my team ( and tell us 
what and how you implemented and we'll happily provide a refund IF what we say doesn't work for you.

If you're prepared to turn up, participate, learn and apply the knowledge 
we're confident this program will work for you.

Ready To Invest In Your Success?

Here's what you're getting when you join TODAY: 
  • Create Ads That Attract, Engage, Convert: with The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method ($3000 value).
  • Build a Meta (Facebook) Ads Profit Machine: with The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook (MAP) ($5000 value)
  • Overcome iOS14.5 Challenges: get full access to The FAATT Framework ($697 value) BONUS training.
  • Master The Art of Building Great Offers: via The Scaleable Offers Workshop ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Email Marketing Masterclass: with Email Marketing Mastery ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Outspend Your Competitors: with the Business Growth Levers ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Learn The Art of Media Buying: with Media Buying Mastery ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • 12-Week Virtual Coaching: 12-weeks email coaching  BONUS written by Depesh to provide ongoing support (worth $3000).
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee: If you implement the training and see no improvements.
  • Lifetime program updates: Pay once and receive a lifetime of updates for as long as the program is active.
(Payment plan also available on the next page)

A Final Word From the Course Creator...

From: Depesh Mandalia, a Marketer of 15+ years and Advertising pro.

To: You, the Meta advertiser that deserves better

WARNING: this message contains powerful advice and direction and is intended for good use, to improve the lives of you and your customers.

Dear reader,

This letter contains the same advice that I've shared on stage, podcasts, masterminds and forums around the world.

The same guidance that I've applied to take businesses from 5 or 6 figures to 7-figures and more in revenue, profitably and consistently. 

The same guidance that's helped thousands of others apply it to their business too.

However you got here, to this website, I want you to know that if you experience instability, unpredictable results and feel you're constantly chasing new and shiny ways to manage Meta ads, you're not alone. And neither is it your fault.

In fact for the 10 million+ advertisers on the platform, it is getting harder and harder to get consistent, profitable results.

CPMs rising, conversions bouncing up and down. Competitors spending more and more. 

Businesses are dying because the platform they once relied on has become too difficult to maintain profitable results.

And Meta (formely Facebook) are NOT doing enough to help us. They've given us this amazing advertising system but the support SUCKs. I know you know what I mean...

But here's the thing; we're able to bypass that.

We use the Facebook App algorithm against them.

It's not some marketing hook to get you interested.

Neither is it against ads policy, or anything Meta would disagree with.

In fact Meta have taken MY advice in helping more advertisers to get more consistent results too.

Like how they first started using the concept of COLD, WARM and HOT audiences to funnel users in their marketing material in 2015 AFTER I shared it in a talk at Menlo Park with them earlier that year.

I've managed well over $40M in ad spend through my agency (we've lost count to be honest, though the amount doesn't matter), and millions personally.

You learn a lot by doing - not just from your successes, but from failures.

I failed for 18 months with Facebook ads before I 'got it'.

I wish I could have bypassed that, but back in 2012 the knowledge and experience you have available to you, a click away, was not available back then.

In 2014 something clicked. I took an Ecommerce business from $800K revenue to $8M with one shift in my approach.

In 2015 I scaled to $26.5M.

But it wasn't until 2016 I took a step back and actually tried to reverse engineer exactly how I did that.

How was I able to go from spending $100 per day at a loss, to spending $200,000 PER DAY profitably?

What I'll share with you here might surprise you.

Expertise is not in knowing what to do when things are great - because anyone can increase budgets - it's knowing what to do when things don't go to plan.

Without the losses I made, and knowing how to RECOVER from them I wouldn't have been so successful with Facebook advertising.

They say you need over 10,000 hours to really call yourself an expert. Well I've been in advertising on Meta/Facebook since 2012 with my ads running 24/7 in some form or another since then.

Did you know that aeroplane pilots practice crashing? 

Why would they do that?

When you learn something, whether it's learning how to fly, or to play a sport, software coding or even planting seeds, following a step by step plan is often enough.

But why is it that you can follow the exact step by step instructions in a recipe book, including the same ingredients, but with a very different outcome to the masterchef dish in the pictures?

Experience through failure.

The power of experience and failure is what gives certain people an unfair advantage.

Learning how to deal with in-flight turbulence, engine failure or other 'edge cases' is what differentiates good pilots and excellent pilots.

And learning in 'test mode' vs actually having lived through those experiences creates ELITE pilots.

The kind of pilot you'd want flying YOUR plane on an 8 hour trip across the stormy oceans right?

In 2016, I wrote down my success path, but more importantly, I also wrote down my many failures.

In 2017, after launching my Facebook ads agency, I finally created a repeatable formula, so that I could teach my team to implement the same, with my support.

And since then I've been sharing it with others looking for the same success path, built on MY failures.

Failures I've made so you don't need to.

Like walking down a path and being told exactly where the trapdoors are and, if you find one, how to avoid them. 

Or, if you do happen to fall in, how to get out.

And through this I discovered something so basic, which powered everything we achieved successfully through Meta advertising.


Your ads serve only to PULL people out of Facebook (or Instagram, Messenger, VR etc).

Your ads are only one part of the journey.

A key to my success in 2014 was simply shifting away from hacking my ad account and constantly refreshing creatives, testing new audiences...

to focussing on creating relevant ads, served at the right time and building trust through my funnel.

In fact I condensed this down to what I call The Advertising CORE-4.

Just 4 things you need to make advertising work for you.

Get this right and advertising on ANY platform becomes easier, predictable and so much less stressful. I've included this full training for you in a program called The BPM Method.

With simple tweaks and changes to these 4 pillars, you can make a far bigger impact than constantly editing your campaigns, hacking, copying, stressing...

Product. Offer. Audience. Funnel.

Just 4 elements of a sustainable, successful ad campaign that help you to create consistent success regardless of what happens on Meta.

Understanding how to influence these allow you to take full advantage of Meta's algorithm. 

To (ethically) use the algorithm against them.

To allow you to spend less time in ads manager, and more time in improving your customer's experience, driving higher average order values and more loyalty and repurchases.

I want you to experience the freedom, structure and most importantly, repeatable path to success we use in our agency and 1000's of students and clients around the world also use.

If you're looking to transform your fortunes with Meta ads, earning back higher consistency and profit, together with freeing up more time in your day, then today is the first step in that direction.

You see, we combine brand-marketing with performance marketing to create a truly unique approach, that works.

The Brand-driven Performance Marketing Method, or BPM Method for short.

Combine that with The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook to create unbreakable success.

What's it worth to you to earn back hours of time each day from worrying and hacking in ads manager?

What's it worth to you to use systems to not just succeed once, but succeed time after time?

What's it worth to you to be able to not just learn this for yourself, but to train your team in creating the same success?

Join today and be prepared for a massive positive shift in your business, and your life.

Depesh Mandalia.

CEO at SMC, Founder of The BPM Method & 7-Figure MAP.

Ready To Invest In Your Success?

Here's what you're getting when you join TODAY: 
  • Create Ads That Attract, Engage, Convert: with The Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) Method ($3000 value).
  • Build a Meta (Facebook) Ads Profit Machine: with The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook (MAP) ($5000 value)
  • Overcome iOS14.5 Challenges: get full access to The FAATT Framework ($697 value) BONUS training.
  • Master The Art of Building Great Offers: via The Scaleable Offers Workshop ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Email Marketing Masterclass: with Email Marketing Mastery ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Outspend Your Competitors: with the Business Growth Levers ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • Learn The Art of Media Buying: with Media Buying Mastery ($1000 value) BONUS training.
  • 12-Week Virtual Coaching: 12-weeks email coaching  BONUS written by Depesh to provide ongoing support (worth $3000).
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee: If you implement the training and see no improvements.
  • Lifetime program updates: Pay once and receive a lifetime of updates for as long as the program is active.
(Payment plan also available on the next page)

Common Questions

Is This A Full Advertising System for Meta (Facebook) Ads?

Yes - this is EVERYTHING you would need to take any ad account from scratch, or from it's existing position, to building an advertising MACHINE that is easy to use and follow.

This is literally the last ever Meta (Facebook) ads training you'll ever need.

How Up To Date Is The Program?

This program was last updated in April 2022. It will continue to be updated on a regular basis to keep up with the fast pace of change in the world of advertising.

We've already conquered the iOS14.5 issues and we'll continue solving future ad platform challenges too.

What Format Is The Training?

The training is about 80% video training and the rest is written in the form of handouts or other explanation.

The training is in English.

Do I Need This If I Have The Cookbook or AdSignals?

Yes - The Ultimate CBO Cookbook is NO LONGER available for sale.

AdSignals is a mastermind based on useful trends and bite-size training but it is NOT an advertising SYSTEM.

Will It Work For My Business/Niche?

The training is tailored to those selling Ecommerce products or services like Info Products, Coaching or promoting leads like eBooks and PDFs.

Can it work in other scenarios? Yes and many clients have adapted it to work. This is also why we offer the 30-day money back to give you a chance to see for yourself

How Often Will You Update The Training?

At LEAST every 3 months if not sooner. The way we've set it up is that you get access to TWO core training programs: The BPM Method and The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook.

The BPM Method will rarely be updated, since it works independent of advertising platform, so the material won't be out of date. We may update or add to this from time to time and you'll be alerted via email.

The 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook will be updated more frequency since advertising platforms change.

You are getting all those updates included FREE. So you pay a one-time fee today and continue benefiting as long as the program is still running - this current version has been running since 2020 and everyone that purchased then is STILL enjoying all the benefits of the original program AND free updates.

How Long Does The Training Take To Complete?

If you're an advanced advertiser then you *can* get through the program, understand it and make it work for you within 4 weeks.

If you're at the more beginner end then realistically you could be looking at 2-3 months.

It really depends on two things:

1) How much time do you have? If you can dedicate an hour a day then you'll get through it much faster. If you're looking at 1-2 hours per week then naturally it will take longer.

2) How much experience do you already have? If you understand many of the fundamental of ads and. marketing (avatar creation, the AIDA funnel, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Schwartz's stages of awareness and good setup and optimisation of ads) then you'll be able to understand concepts faster and add the building blocks to your account quicker too.

Can I Get Additional Coaching Or Ask Depesh Questions Directly?

You can, yes.

The 7-Figure MAP training is a 'do it yourself' program so you can learn in your own time and at your own pace.

However if you'd like Depesh or his team's support directly you can enquire about our ELITE coaching after purchase or via
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