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Want to learn how we use Facebook's ads algorithm against them to unlock better predictability, stability and profitability without hacks, constant creative refreshes and anxiety?


The BPM Method

For Facebook Ads.
Take control of your Facebook ads performance today.

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Running A Business Is Stressful. 

  Reduce Your Anxiety & Improve Your Facebook Ads Performance So You Can Focus More On Your Product, Marketing, Funnels and Customer Lifetime Value.

Running Facebook ads can be stressful and feel unrewarding at times - even if you've had success, it seems Facebook are against you.

What if I told you that YOU can control the algorithm in your favour?

From: Depesh Mandalia, a Marketer of 15 years and Facebook Ads pro.

To: You, the Facebook advertiser that deserves better

Dear reader,

WARNING: this message contains powerful advice and direction and is intended for good use, to improve the lives of you and your customers.

It contains the same advice that I've shared on stage, podcasts, masterminds and forums around the world.

The same guidance that I've applied to take businesses from 5 or 6 figures to 7-figures and more in revenue, profitably and consistently. 

The same guidance that's helped thousands of others apply it to their business too.

However you got here, to this website, I want you to know that if you experience instability, unpredictable results and feel you're constantly chasing new and shiny ways to manage Facebook ads, you're not alone.

In fact for the 7 million+ advertisers on the platform, it is getting harder and harder to get consistent, profitable results.

CPMs rising, conversions bouncing up and down. Competitors spending more and more. 

Businesses are dying because the platform they once relied on has become too difficult to maintain profitable results.

But here's the thing; we're able to bypass that.

We use Facebook's algorithm against them.

It's not some marketing hook to get you interested.

Neither is it against ads policy, or anything Facebook would disagree with.

In fact Facebook have taken MY advice in helping more advertisers to get more consistent results too.

I've managed well over $40M in ad spend through my agency, and well over $10M personally in various businesses.

You learn a lot by doing - not just from your successes, but from failures.

I failed for 18 months with Facebook ads before I 'got it'.

I wish I could have bypassed that, but back in 2012 the knowledge and experience you have available to you, a button click away, was not available back then.

In 2014 something clicked. I took an Ecommerce business from $800K revenue to $8M with one shift in my approach.

In 2015 I scaled to $26.5M.

But it wasn't until 2016 I took a step back and actually tried to reverse engineer exactly how I did that.

How was I able to go from spending $100 per day at a loss, to spending $200,000 PER DAY profitably?

What I'll share with you here might surprise you.

Expertise is not in knowing what to do when things are great - because anyone can increase budgets - it's knowing what to do when things don't go to plan.

Without the losses I made, and knowing how to RECOVER from them I wouldn't have been so successful with Facebook advertising.

They say you need over 10,000 hours to really call yourself an expert. Well I've been in advertising on Facebook since 2012 with my ads running 24/7 in some form or another since then.

Did you know that aeroplane pilots practice crashing? 

Why would they do that?

When you learn something, whether it's learning how to fly, or to play a sport, software coding or even planting seeds, following a step by step plan is often enough.

But why is it that you can follow the exact step by step instructions in a recipe book, including the same ingredients, but with a very different outcome to the masterchef dish in the pictures?

Experience and failure.

The power of experience and failure is what gives certain people an unfair advantage.

Learning how to deal with in-flight turbulence, engine failure or other 'edge cases' is what differentiates good pilots and excellent pilots.

And learning in 'test mode' vs actually having lived through those experiences creates ELITE pilots.

The kind of pilot you'd want flying YOUR plane on an 8 hour trip across the stormy oceans right?

In 2016, I wrote down my success path, but more importantly, I also wrote down my many failures.

In 2017, after launching my Facebook ads agency, I finally created a repeatable formula, so that I could teach my team to implement the same, with my support.

And since then I've been sharing it with others looking for the same success path, built on MY failures.

Failures I've made so you don't need to.

Like walking down a path and being told exactly where the trapdoors are and, if you find one, how to avoid them. 

Or, if you do happen to fall in, how to get out.

And through this I discovered something so basic, which powered everything we achieved successfully through Facebook advertising.


Your ads serve only to PULL people out of Facebook (or Instagram, Messenger).

Your ads are only one part of the journey.

A key to my success in 2014 was simply shifting away from hacking my ad account and constantly refreshing creatives, testing new audiences...

to focussing on creating relevant ads, served at the right time and building trust through my funnel.

In fact I condensed this down to what I call The Advertising CORE-4.

Just 4 things you need to make Facebook advertising work for you.

Get this right and advertising on Facebook becomes easier, predictable and so much less stressful.

With simple tweaks and changes to these 4 pillars can make a far bigger impact than constantly editing your campaigns, hacking, copying, stressing...

Product. Offer. Audience. Funnel.

Just 4 elements of a sustainable, successful ad campaign that help you to create consistent success regardless of what happens on Facebook.

Understanding how to influence these allow you to take full advantage of Facebook's algorithm. To (ethically) use the algorithm against them.

To allow you to spend less time in ads manager, and more time in improving your customer's experience, driving higher average order values and more loyalty and repurchases.

I want you to experience the freedom, structure and most importantly, repeatable path to success we use in our agency and 1000's of students around the world also use.

If you're looking to transform your fortunes with Facebook ads, earning back higher consistency and profit, together with freeing up more time in your day, then today is the first step in that direction.

You see, we combine brand-marketing with performance marketing to create a truly unique approach, that works.

The Brand-driven Performance Marketing Method, or BPM Method for short.

What's it worth to you to earn back hours of time each day from worrying and hacking in ads manager?

What's it worth to you to use systems to not just succeed once, but succeed time after time?

What's it worth to you to be able to not just learn this for yourself, but to train your team in creating the same success?

What's it worth to you to have 3 months of support from my team to help you master everything in The BPM Method?

Read on and be prepared for a massive positive shift in your business, and your life.

Depesh Mandalia.

Founder of The BPM Method.


The BPM Method is a set of frameworks designed to allow you to take a bottom up, step by step approach, or to dive in to the areas you need the most help with right now for the most immediate and biggest impact.


The BPM Method is a marketing training program, designed for Facebook advertising. The training combines creating avatars, copy, landers, funnels and messages that serve the right person at the right time. The program also balances the art, with science, using data-backed testing, optimisation and scaling together with data insights for fast, efficient decision making.


We're in the trenches every day, through our agency and our own Ecommerce, Lead Gen, Digital Products and Affiliate offers. The BPM Method comes with 3 months of support so you get your questions answered by the right people to maximise your results and shorten the time to success.

Ready To Master Facebook's Algorithm To Work In Your Favour?

The BPM Method is a set of online training modules and group coaching to deliver higher predictability, consistency and profitability.

  • For Ecommerce: The BPM Method will allow you to take control of profitability and consistency, showing you the path to higher average order values, higher conversion rates and lower costs whilst building a path to higher lifetime value using our experience of generating over $100M in revenue across a wide variety of niches. 
  • For Digital Products: Use the same system to build the right funnel path, to drive a higher uptake of your offers, generating higher conversion rates and order values for sustainable growth.
  • For Existing Offers: The BPM Method is designed to allow you to build around and grow your offers. An offer simply requires an idea of who you're selling to, and a product or service that has a meaningful purpose; this is half of the success of Facebook advertising, The BPM Method will deliver the rest.
  • For Existing Marketers: The BPM Method is designed for those that know their way around the platform. Knowing the basics of how to navigate the ads platform and how launch campaigns is a requirement to fully embrace The BPM Method.
What's Included?

Private Mastermind

Private group access to BPM Method Mastermind, helping you to both learn and to execute faster with peers.

Coaching Q&A

Fortnightly Q&A sessions to ask whatever you need to get unstuck and progress faster with The BPM Method.

Full Online Program Access

Full access via our online training portal, Zoom calls, Facebook lives and private Facebook group including past coaching calls.

Setup Mastery

Everything you need to setup a high performing campaign, including your business manager, ad account, page and campaigns.

Offer Build

Strong offers are the hidden secret to breakout success. Learn our 5W Avatar process, 3N Ads Formula and how to craft the Perfect Ad for sustainable success.

Funnel Build

A great offer needs a great funnel. Apply what goes into creating funnels that Facebook will reward you for to maximise conversion rates & order value.

Structure Testing

Implement our much copied, original Graduation Testing Method to control your testing process to unearth ads and audiences that work, without the guesswork.


The biggest thing missing in most ad accounts is optimisation. Learn what to look for, how to setup your reporting for fast insights and the right actions to take, when, to make the biggest difference.

Growth & Scale

Growth is more than just increasing budgets. Understand what it truly means and takes to grow into 6, 7 and 8-figures using our formulaic approach to growing and scaling.

Ready To Level Up Your Advertising?

My agency charges a 5-figures for our one to one accelerator program.

But we wanted to bring this to many more people based on our success.

We have the formula.

But we're not charging $10's of thousands for this high impact program.

Our regular investment will be $4,800 after this launch.

But for the first cohort we've gone all in.

You can join our new accelerator program for just:

This is a time limited offer. Once we hit 40 people the price will go back to the normal rate


Contact us if you want to join the next launch:

Until All 40 Seats Are Taken!

Ready To Transform Your Business?

The BPM Method

Plus 3 Months Coaching For A Limited Time Only.

I've Made The Mistakes 
So You Don't Have To

Trusted by Facebook

"The BPM Method is for committed entrepreneurs running their own business, marketers running ads for the company they work for, and agencies or freelancers helping clients with Facebook ads.

Those that benefit are already spending money on ads, and come in from various intermediate and advanced levels.

It is NOT for those that have never advertised on Facebook. 

You're getting The BPM Method training plus for a limited time, 3 months of included coaching, together with a private group and network of like-minded people on a similar journey.

This is a marketing-led training program that will continue to pay back for years to come with skills and knowledge that will change your life."

- Depesh Mandalia, Founder of The BPM Method

1. Building Stability and Consistency

> The Right Structures For Consistent Profit & Scale
> Knowing Your Audience & How to Influence Them
> Serving The Right Ads For Higher Profits
> Policy Compliance Support, Pixel Mastery and more...

2. Creating Predictable Outcomes

> Simple Yet Effective Test Processes
> Data-Driven Decision Making
> Fast-Insight Custom Reporting
> Full Testing Support
> CBO Mastery and more...

3. Unlocking Hidden Profitability

> The Best Audiences At The Highest Value
> Full Funnel Conversion Rate Initiatives
> Highly Engaging & Converting Ads
> Profitable Retargeting Framework
> Learning What To Do When Things Go Wrong (And How To Recover and Stabilise)

4. Growth & Scaling

> Learn To Properly Scale In Every Situation
> Unleash The Power of Manual Bidding
> Slow & Fast Scaling Models
> Saving Time with Rules & Automation
> Our Support All The Way

Ready to Accelerate Your Growth?

  • Video & Written Based 'Do It Yourself' Learning Via a New Online Training Portal
  • Instant Access To All Online Modules From Account Setup, Marketing Strategies, Testing, Optimisation, Scaling and Automation - THE Only Ads Management Training & Reference Guides You'll Ever Need
  • ​Includes CBO Cookbook Insights, SMC Ads Policy Compliance Checklist, Mega Audience Cheatsheet, Worksheets, Downloads, Reference Guides and More.
  • ​Access To The PRIVATE BPM Mastermind Facebook Group
  • ​3 Months Access To Bi-Monthly Q&A Calls
  • ​Regular updates
  • Course Lifetime Access & Updates
  • ​Special Software & Service Discounts

We charge a minimum of $15000 to implement this for clients.

We use this same system on each of our own ad accounts.

Students are generating huge gains- some making back this investment within the first 30 days!

I challenge you do make back the investment in 30 days!

Hear What Others Say 
About The BPM Method
Tim Burd
Neil Stephenson
Ryan Rieder
Jaime Harmon
Shadi Gh
Tommy Patterson
John Hutchinson

Money-Back Guarantee

As with any investment it involves risk on your part, in executing our advice, and our part in ensuring we bring the right people into the program.

I guarantee you that by joining The BPM Method your business will profit and grow consistently, predictably and profitably with our help.

If within 30 days from joining you don't feel the program 
is delivering then you're entitled to a refund.

Just email my team ( and tell us what you implemented or why you feel its not worth your time and investment and we'll happily provide a refund.

If you're prepared to turn up, participate, learn and apply the knowledge 
we're confident this program will work for you.

I look forward to seeing you inside the program.

- Depesh Mandalia

Ready To Transform Your Business?

The BPM Method

Plus 3 Months Coaching For A Limited Time Only.

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The 7-Figure BPM Method coaching program is only open for a 
LIMITED amount of time, so that I can focus on supporting students 100%.
The 7-Figure BPM Method coaching program is only open for a 
LIMITED amount of time, so that I can focus on supporting students 100%.
Dear Facebook Marketer, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, 

If you've read this far, you either have further questions, or you scanned the page for the price.

It's natural. If the investment was the first thing you looked at then let me address that first.

To learn anything, you either invest time or money. 

In 2009, I nearly lost everything, including my house after I lost my corporate job of nearly 5 years. It took 3 months to find a new job but in that time, despite the lack of money, I heavily invested my time in learning affiliate marketing through forums and websites.

By 2011 I had created a 7-figure revenue from Affiliate marketing, whilst working a 9-5 and bringing up a young family. It took me 2 years of suffering and pain, scraping together the time and money I had to grow that business. 

It might sound like a dream to create a lucrative income like that, but how often do you hear of the blood, sweat and tears that it cost to get there?

If I could have invested money in bypassing 2 years of learning and pain, I would have in an instant. 

And I have no problem with you learning everything I know, for yourself by following groups, Youtube videos and experimenting on your own ad accounts. In fact I did this with Facebook ads in 2012, spending thousands of dollars and 18 months of my life trying to make it work.

I'm packaging up all those mistakes and learnings into something you can apply and profit from in literally DAYS!

Jordan did exactly that right after joining the program in early 2019. Depending on where you are it's entirely possible that you could pay back the full investment of this coaching program within days too.
Do you have time or money to spare?

I personally place the highest value on time than anything else my business can offer. I hire coaches, consultants and a team to help me achieve my goals. I can't do it alone and I would rather delegate than do. It's how I have time to spend with my 4 children, wife, talk on stages around the world, host masterminds, coach inner circle students, run an agency, Ecom stores, affiliate marketing, consult for Facebook, invest in stocks and property and of course support people like you through this training program.

If that sounds like a lot, it's not, when you have systems, process and people. This training is all about the systems and processes you need to build predictable results with Facebook. Where you take that free time afterwards is entirely up to you!


Packaged up there's far more value than the investment you're making. I don't do this for the money; I'm on a personal mission, to fix the massive gap between the amazing platform Facebook provide, and the knowledge out there in the digital marketing space.

I'm asked 'why not do it for free then' - I tried this and it led to inaction and people saw it as low quality. My mentor told me I'm undercharging and undervaluing the program - but I decided to reach and help as many people as I could. But, since this is a coaching program once we hit a tipping point, prices will go up for my personal time and enrolment will close.

You see, my agency fees are 5 to 6-figures a year to implement and run this for clients. We help businesses scale to high 7 and 8-figures in return. Not a bad return on investment I'm sure you'll agree.

I personally charge $1000 per hour for my time (about £750/hr) and pack in far more actions for people to take in one hour than people can action themselves in weeks.

So, if you do the math:

$1997 gets you my tried and testing frameworks PLUS access to my private Mastermind group where I will personally help you succeed in your business no matter what it is - think of it as gaining access to a Chief Marketing Officer consultant for your business!

Over a year my agency can charge over $100K (with sizeable returns of course) to implement this for a client.

$1997 for $100000 worth of potential value. That's not even considering the revenue and profits we generate. Not just for clients, but our own products and services.

I talk the talk because I walk the walk. You won't find many with the experience and knowledge I can package up for you.

If you have a good grasp of Facebook Ads, but want to accelerate your results WITH direct access to me, the BPM METHOD is right for you. You'll get full course lifetime access plus join me for 8 weeks of group coaching. 

The value you see is the value we bring to clients and what I've been delivering for many years.

Despite the value of the program, I'm costing this at less than a tenth of the true value. No other coaching program comes close to what's inside. Are you ready for change?

Oh and yes, there's a pay plan too, because I want to see you succeed.

If you have further questions feel free to reach out at depesh @

I look forward to seeing you inside,


p.s. if you've already invested in my flagship training (The Facebook Ads Playbook, Facebook Ads for Ecommerce or The BPM System) then the training material inside is already included in your previous purchase. However the 8-weeks coaching is available to you at an upgrade if you wish to join. Please email with subject "8 week coaching"

p.p.s if you've continued reading perhaps you'd like more info on who I am?

> A Recognised Global Authority on Facebook Ads Marketing
> Agency Owner Overseeing $6M+ A Year In Global Ad Spend
> Advisor and Council Member for Facebook
> International Speaker and Thought Leader
> Profitable Affiliate, Ecommerce, Info Product and Agency Entrepreneur
> 15 Years Marketing Experience Including Chief Marketing Officer Roles In VC Backed Startups
> Facebook Ads Community Leader to Over 6,000 Entrepreneurs & Marketers
> Someone That Genuinely Cares For Your Success

"My mission is to bridge the gap between what high spending experts like me are doing right now and the knowledge and support gap between you and Facebook. I went through lots of pain when I spent 18 months and thousands in spend before I figured this Facebook ads game out. I did the hard work so you don't have to"
The 7-Figure BPM Method coaching program is only open for a 
LIMITED amount of time, so that I can focus on supporting students 100%.