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p.s. ELITE Accelerator is our intensive support program designed as an extension to your existing team, getting you access to world-class advertisers, business owners, systems and guest experts to scale to 7-figures and beyond.

Success Stories

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Amy - Agency Owner

Amy describes her experience in ELITE as “spectacular”. She joined after seeing Depesh at a conference. Amy says she benefited from the simplicity of laid out facts and being able to get the support when she needed it. She also loves the community and networking in ELITE which keeps her motivated and engaged.

Arthur - Ecommerce Owner

Arthur had broad knowledge of operations, but he wanted to get better at Facebook advertising when he started to implement it for his business. After initially investing in The Ultimate CBO Cookbook, Arthur saw great results and upgraded first to The BPM Method, then to ELITE Accelerator to grow faster and bigger.  Whilst reducing his anxiety of running ads he increased ROAS (return on ad spend) 10-20x!

Daniel - Agency Owner

Daniel started his own brand 4 and a half years ago, he was managing his own Facebook ads. He had bad experiences and decided to learn by himself, but it was quite chaotic. He was able to improve his testing system for his own Ecom thanks to The Ultimate CBO Cookbook and then thanks to ELITE Accelerator he was able to build repeatable systems to scale one client’s account from 5K to 50K a month! (And many more since)

Alex M - Agency Owner

Alex was able to apply the strategies laid out in the programme in to his agency and was able to increase revenue for their clients. As he said, it just works!

"..... I have been supported throughout. Attending planned weekly calls (averaging 3 per week up to 5 when we have a guest speaker). There is a lot to get through in terms of material but I would advise to go at your own pace, let the information sink in and settle. The support is world class. Imagine having at your fingertips, some of the best Facebook Ads Marketers on the planet help with your own account challenges."

- Alex A

Pawel - Agency Owner

Pawel started with The Ultimate CBO Cookbook and after seeing success, wanted more knowledge on how to manage his clients, as well as making sure he’s picking the right ones to grow his business. Now Pawel is more confident when giving advice to his clients and managed to reduce the number of clients, charge his worth AND make more too!

Rose - Agency Owner

Rose runs a digital advertising agency and she was looking for a next level mastermind. Despite trying to attend Depesh's UK Mastermind (which didn't happen due to Covid) she wanted to get access to Depesh direct to help her business to grow and described the knowledge acquired as “priceless”. She 100% recommends ELITE and is one of our long-standing clients.

Josh - Agency Owner

Josh had been in the Facebook advertising world for 3 years before he joined ELITE Accelerator. After joining, he was able to get his revenue up 20-30% for a client. For them, it was a game changer, and it wouldn’t have been possible without guidance from ELITE Accelerator and the coaching team.

Ali - Ecommerce Owner

Ali wanted to learn more about advanced Media Buying for Facebook, that is why he joined The BPM Method and ELITE Accelerator. Before learning about The BPM Method he just focused on ad set optimizations, but after joining he understood far more about what was important to focus on so he could spend less time in ads manager with better results. 

"We got our oldest client up to a 3x using rules and scaling outlined in the BPM Method… Finished out the month scaling up ad spend to a 47% increase month over month, which increased FB Ad Revenue by 50% and even better… Gross Revenue increased by 62%."

- Alex M

Daryl - Agency Owner

Daryl runs an agency that used to lack the structure for consistent results. The BPM Method provided them with that structure providing stability that allowed them to scale their client ad accounts together with advanced coaching from ELITE Accelerator. “This is the best investment you can make if you are focused on Facebook ads!”

Michael - Ecommerce Owner

Michael was looking for something more systematic to manage his Facebook Ad campaigns; they had their own toolbox before joining ELITE Accelerator, but struggled with inconsistency as they increased ad spend. Thanks to ELITE Accelerator they got a more structured way of working and more stability in their ad accounts to scale profitably! 

Lars - Agency Owner

Lars was one of our first client in ELITE Accelerator and runs a Facebook and Instagram ads agency in Germany for ecommerce stores. Before joining the ELITE Accelerator program to grow bigger and faster, he had invested in The Ultimate CBO Cookbook. He benefited from the simplicity of explanations in the ELITE Accelerator program to build predictability, improve revenue for his clients and trust his processes, and therefore, relax a bit more!

Adam - Agency Owner

Adam runs a digital marketing agency - his main challenge was the lack of structure in their agency processes. He liked the direct access to the experts in ELITE Accelerator and the ability to reach out to them direct. He recommends the program to grow stability and to be able to scale accounts confidently for clients. 

"The suggestions you made confirmed what I knew and your insights on algorithm versus data changes helped phenomenally."

- Amy

Imran - Ecommerce Owner

Imran had been in ecommerce for 5 years. Before joining the ELITE Accelerator programme he owned one store and after joining, he was able to scale that store to 300% revenue growth. Now he owns 5 stores, with one of them going from 0 to 400K revenue with an 80K spend. He was able to do this by implementing structures laid out in the programme and being more consistent with decision making with our coaching support.

Alex A - Agency Owner

Alex runs a web design and digital marketing agency and started with The Ultimate CBO Cookbook before then deciding to join the ELITE Accelerator programme as one of our founding members (and longest standing member). He says it has been the best decision he ever made business wise as it allowed him to have a clear understanding of what steps to follow and what to avoid, which made it really hard to fail. 

Jay - Affiliate Marketer

Jay had over 5 years of experience running FB ads when he decided to join the ELITE program. This decision was made as Jay became interested in building his own brand and saw the possibilities that the ELITE could provide him with. Jay´s takeaways from ELITE include "learning how to get set up", "how to evaluate clients", and "understanding what it is to market a brand"

Rachel - Agency Owner

Rachel was finally able to find a program that provided her with the necessary Facebook and Agency training that allowed her company to generate consistent results. The results are incredible as Rachel has "tripled her client base and revenue"

"Our delivery has definitely improved and we are growing as a team: the investment is definitely paying off!"

- Luca

Rafael Kietabl
Agency Owner

Learned how to set up systems that work through the BPM Method that resulted in stability with clients which scaled up his agency much master by focusing on marketing, social media and testing.

Mayank Sohar
Agency Owner

From having inconsistent results in ROAS before iOS 14 launch to having a consistent 2.5 - 3x ROAS after implementing the strategies in the BPM Method and ELITE Accelerator.

Robin Chegney
Ads Agency

Increased CTR in ads by 2-3% and reduced 20 - 30% CPM through the LITE Accelerator Program

Pawel Sierpowski
E-Commerce Facebook Ads Agency

He used to think that luck is somewhat involved in the results he was getting for his clients. He leveraged on the BPM Method PLUS ELITE Accelerator to attract high quality paying clients, improve his self-confidence and provide better value to his clients.

"ELITE is hands down the best decision I’ve made in the Ads Space!"

- Arthur


The consistent process they all used?

The BPM Method

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More ELITE Love

"Blew my mind with how to slice and dice our data to come up with better audiences, creatives, and copy. Also shared awesome insights into why some of our ads are failing and what to do during these volatile times."

- Kenny

Who is Depesh Mandalia?
I wish I had help.

It was 2012 when I first explored Facebook advertising - out of desperation because my successful affiliate marketing business died over night (Zero traffic thanks to Google's SEO changes).

So I hustled trying to learn Facebook ads whilst losing money and almost giving up - until in 2014 I somehow made it all work.

I took an Ecommerce business from $800k in annual revenue to $26.5M in 18 months. I know, it sounds pretty unbeliable but it is true. You can google my name and "Lost My Name" (the company I scaled up) to see some of the proof.

Since then I decided to help other businesses succeed with Facebook ads too with over $100M in revenue generated for clients - whilst also starting my own dropshipping sites.

After starting my agency, and falling out of love with dropshipping (poor quality products and delivery delays) I built a system for my agency which a good friend of mine suggested I should sell as training for others.

"Who'd want to learn from me?" I said. Well, 1000's of students later it seems the world did need 'another' Facebook ads course after all.

Late 2018 I almost decided to step away from teaching because although we had success, I prefer teaching in-person (I still do).

It's hard to know if you're making a difference when people log in to a platform and you have no interaction.

Then I met Jeff. He said "if it wasn't for your training, my Ecommerce business would have failed and I'd have been forced to go get a job". Wow. That changed everything for me.

So I went all in on combining the work we do with our advertising agency and our own Ecommerce store, with teaching others. I love it and am grateful to be able to share knowledge and experience with others to help them achieve successes too.

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