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The Facebook Ads Strategy No One Is Talking About That Helped Us Profitably Manage $2M/m Ad Spend
Without Feeling Chained To Ads Manager
Discover how “The BPM Method” is creating financial and time freedom for marketers that run ads for their own businesses and for clients. Unchain yourself today.

Here’s What I Will Share With You During This FREE Workshop:
Here’s What You’ll Discover During This FREE Live Workshop:
The simple yet overlooked strategies I’m putting in place to continue thriving even when things like iOS14 or changes in ads manager happen.
I’ll show you why campaign success has little to do with CPM, CPA, CPC, or other 3-letter techie acronyms… and where your focus should really be!
The “Advertising CORE 4” – The only 4 things you need to make Facebook advertising a profitable, rewarding, and enjoyable experience. 


More Insider 'Secrets' That YouTube Gurus Fail To Mention 

(because most don't know about them!)


High Value Tips And Secrets You’ll Discover Inside The Workshop

Feel like Facebook's platform is unstable and the algorithm unreliable? – I’ll show you a repeatable path to campaign success.
 (This is the same system 1000’s of my students use to generate high profits while spending less time in their ad accounts).
A behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the frameworks I personally used to go from spending $100 per day at a loss to spending $200,000 PER DAY profitably!
(This process looks simple, but it’s so powerful I’ve used it to pull in over $100M in revenue across a wide variety of niches).
​​A quick and simple process for creating avatars, copy, landers, funnels, and messages that serve the right person at the right time.
• See What Others Are Saying •
This Could Be You...
• See What Others Are Saying •
This Could Be You...
Tim Burd
Founder at Ad Buyers, Ad Leaks, Agency Y
"He is absolutely one of the best in the world at Facebook ads. His approach is so analytical- to break down the algorithm very similar to mine- that we see very eye-to-eye and he offers some great insights that I'm going to put into effect in my own campaign."
So Who am I? And Why Should You Even Listen to Me?
So Who am I? And Why Should You Even Listen to Me?
To the Facebook advertiser striving for better,

I'm Depesh Mandalia and some of you will know me as 'the Facebook ads guy' but did you know I struggled with Facebook ads for years DESPITE being an experienced advertiser?

In 2018 I decided to take my learnings and wins with Facebook ads (and many losses) to teach others to fast-track their own results by learning from mine.

My mission is to level-up as many small and medium-sized businesses as I can through the power of simple, human-centric advertising.

The skills I share in trainings, talks, and case studies will stay with you for life. Learning from me is to learn behavioural psychology and performance marketing, two of my favourite subjects based on 2 decades of learning.

I hope to see you there. I'm rooting for the Facebook advertisers that want a simpler, less stressful experience on the ads platform so they can spend less time on hacks and tricks and more time on growing their business.

Ready to Transform Your Business?
Hurry and Save Your Spot Today!
Ready to Transform Your Business? Hurry and Save Your Spot Today!

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