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Success Stories

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Ecommerce Agency Owner

   Huge transformations in 3 months, installed The BPM Method structures, scaling client brands and performance increases across the board. Used The BPM Method PLUS ELITE Accelerator to grow client sales AND grow his agency's sales too.

Ecommerce Store & Ads Agency

   One of the very first clients from 2018, scaled to 7-figures, launched multiple brands in 2019, began training others and cracked Snapchat Ads (using The BPM Method) to become one of France's top Snapchat media buyers by spend.

Ecommerce Store Owner

Attended our Ecom Fast-Track event, then joined The BPM Method and scaled his Ecommerce business to $300k/m in 4 months!

Ecom Store & Ads Agency

A chance encounter in Las Vegas with Depesh transformed Fabian’s business fortunes forever. Fabian’s early wins through our support  pocketed a big profits to allow him to invest further in his business.

"...very comprehensive advanced course. It's not your typical quick course that was hacked together but rather Depesh compiled an excellent resource from his years of experience to help self-starters dominated FB Advertising.  

Also love the constant updates and calls he puts together. For example, with Apple iOS14 updates which impact advertising on Facebook... Can't recommend it enough!"

- Ash

Ecommerce Travel Subscription

Benefited from the way that The BPM Method teaches you to scale a business, when he applied the strategies layed out in the course, from the very beginning in the foundation, and thus, he was able to see results he had never seen before.

POD Ecommerce Store

Before he joined the call he did not have a real structure in place, he states that The BPM Method saved his business. He is excited to see how the ads are doing when he wakes up as results have really improved.

Ecommerce Store

She used to stay up at nights looking ads performance. After using The BPM Method program she could confidently and with less stress run her ad campaigns profitably..

Ecommerce Store

Sold his brand for 3-5x the earnings, seven figures after just 12 months of high growth. He initially joined Depesh at his San Jose mastermind, invested in The BPM Method, joined again in Vancouver then scaled to 7-figures before exiting. 

"The best Facebook Ads course ever... SO MUCH value, very advanced techniques and strategies yet very easy to understand and apply

Format of the course is also very easy to digest with concise videos which makes it very enjoyable to watch

Depesh is a great teacher and is available for his students. If you're looking to bring your Facebook Ads skills to another level, don't think twice."

- Aymeric

Ecommerce Ads Agency

Before she joined the training program she was highly stressed, The BPM Method helped her understand the data and be able to make the right decisions together with the support from Depesh and the private community. The ROI helped attract new, better clients, too.

Ecommerce Ads Agency

He joined The BPM Method after investing in The Ultimate CBO Cookbook. He scaled his business to up to $5M earnings from $1M spent.

Ecommerce Ads Agency

Used The BPM Method to scale his Ecommerce businesses and profit with better stability.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Used the frameworks from The BPM Method to understand Facebook ads better, optimize campaigns and helping to scale up ad accounts.

"I sat on the Free Facebook Group Fence for so long because your free content was THAT good -- I thought "how could his course get any better"... holy smokes was I wrong. Your course is not only changing my campaigns but also changing my life and giving me back the freedom that I longed for when becoming a Facebook Marketer. Thank you so much for all you have invested into the course. Super excited to have joined this journey with you."

- Chantel

Ecom Store & Ads Agency

Started The BPM Method with no technical knowledge. Joined the program because Depesh is “the unicorn of Facebook”. He was able to scale one client’s business and they reached $70K on ad spend and $200K on revenue also managed to work with the Oklahoma Dodgers!

Beauty Ecommerce Store

Operates from South Korea and sells from Norway to the rest of Europe. He was able to scale his business and after joining the BPM Method he understood FB is not about luck, but about structure and how important it is. 

Apparel Ecommerce Store

Max struggled with creatives but learned through The BPM Method, that a good message and story is better than trying to rely on tricks. Thanks to having more control over his strategy, he was able to spend quality time with his family. 

Ecommerce Store

Jerry benefited from Depesh’s experience on Facebook advertising, she was able to understand what to cut and what to scale better. 

Nuno Cabral
Ecommerce Store Owner

He took courses to understand Facebook but got no results. After joining Depesh’s Facebook group and applying the BPM method, he got 5x ROI on the amount he paid for the course.

Ed Taylor
Ads Agency

His agency’s already having good results, but after implementing the BPM Method, he’s more confident that their performance will be more stable.

Ibrahim Mahmoud
Ecomm Brand Owner

From not knowing how to run ads and not having results to earning 5 figures a few months after implementing the BPM Method.

Thad Barnes
Ecom Store Owner

From having $2,000 monthly sales in his dropshipping business to $6,000 monthly in just 30 days by applying what he learned from the BPM Method. Within 90 days, his store started generating $10,000 a month!

"The course single-handedly transformed my advertising agency. With increased knowledge comes improved results which provide the confidence and ability to attract and retain clients of all levels. 

Tried and tested principles are applicable to any niche and modules are constantly being added to keep content fresh and up to date. I've also used the principles to help train businesses in house social media teams. 

As the guys mentioned, you have direct access in the closed Mastermind Group to deep dive into any account issues or ask the group for feedback on ideas and strategies. When I look back on the value I've received, I actually think the course is under-priced."

- Dec


The consistent process they all used?

The BPM Method

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More BPM Method Love

"After being in the BPM Program for a couple of days (btw I have literally never written a review for anything before). Depesh's program is HANDS DOWN the best FB Ads Course out there

I was mega skeptical about joining (it took me months to actually join) because I have taken lots of FB courses before from the legit top of industry people you will know, but they've all lacked one big thing: clarity of thought. 

The BPM system is a step-by-step process. It doesn't have fancy strategies scattered here and there, it's just straight to the point. If you have a grounding in FB Ads already (this isn't for beginners) and want to get to the next level, this is the way. So excited about getting results in the next few weeks. Thanks, Depesh!"

- James

Who is Depesh Mandalia?
I wish I had help.

It was 2012 when I first explored Facebook advertising - out of desperation because my successful affiliate marketing business died over night (Zero traffic thanks to Google's SEO changes).

So I hustled trying to learn Facebook ads whilst losing money and almost giving up - until in 2014 I somehow made it all work.

I took an Ecommerce business from $800k in annual revenue to $26.5M in 18 months. I know, it sounds pretty unbeliable but it is true. You can google my name and "Lost My Name" (the company I scaled up) to see some of the proof.

Since then I decided to help other businesses succeed with Facebook ads too with over $100M in revenue generated for clients - whilst also starting my own dropshipping sites.

After starting my agency, and falling out of love with dropshipping (poor quality products and delivery delays) I built a system for my agency which a good friend of mine suggested I should sell as training for others.

"Who'd want to learn from me?" I said. Well, 1000's of students later it seems the world did need 'another' Facebook ads course after all.

Late 2018 I almost decided to step away from teaching because although we had success, I prefer teaching in-person (I still do).

It's hard to know if you're making a difference when people log in to a platform and you have no interaction.

Then I met Jeff. He said "if it wasn't for your training, my Ecommerce business would have failed and I'd have been forced to go get a job". Wow. That changed everything for me.

So I went all in on combining the work we do with our advertising agency and our own Ecommerce store, with teaching others. I love it and am grateful to be able to share knowledge and experience with others to help them achieve successes too.

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